Student & Educational Group Bookings

Student & Educational Group Bookings

Many shows in London, including the big musicals and plays, offer fantastic savings, as well as complimentary tickets for educational and student groups.

These prices are valid for most types of educational groups, such as schools, colleges and universities and in some cases for international students. Also included in the list of types are extra-curricular groups such as dance and drama schools. At Shows in London, we can also arrange added extras such as theatre workshops, backstage tours and pre- or post-theatre meals to make your trip a true experience.

If there is a show you are interested in which is not listed below, or if you wish to book for a date which is excluded from the vailidity period, please do contact us as new group discounts are introduced frequently and validity periods can change.

Some of the shows do not offer group discounts on weekend performances or during busy periods such as school holidays. However, this does not mean you cannot book tickets.

Why do educational group discounts exist?

For the majority of students, a school-organised trip to the theatre will be the first time they have had the opportunity to see one of the celebrated shows in London, and the fantastic group discounts on offer enable and encourage a new generation to be inspired by the wonders of theatre.

Below you can see some of the special rates available and information on the requirements on the size of the group. Please note that all groups are subject to availability and exclusion periods. As a general guide groups discounts are normally unavailable during school holidays and Christmas week.

For further information and availability please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0845 505 8500 or email

For details on our competitive pricing or on shows not listed above, please contact the team on 0845 505 8500 or email