The Pajama Game Show description

The Pajama Game is a musical comedy based on the novel 7½ Cents by Richard Bissell.

The story surrounds an industrial dispute in a pajama factory, where the workers are demanding a pay increase. In the midst of the mayhem, love blossoms between Babe, the worker’s spoke person, and Sid, the handsome new factory superintendent.

The original Tony Award-winning Broadway production opened in 1954, and ran for nearly 3 years. The show was revived in 1973, and again in 2006 winning the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical.

The original West End show opened at the London Coliseum in 1955 and ran for nearly two years starring legendary theatre greats Max Wall, Edmund Hockridge and Joy Nichols.

A strike is imminent at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory, where the workers are working under the cosh to churn out pajamas at a break-neck speed. A new factory head is appointed in the shape of out-of-towner, Sid Sorokin.

Sid is drawn to Babe, one of the leading voices of the workers and there is a romantic tension in the air, however, Babe rejects his advances. Meanwhile other potential liaisons bubble beneath the surface.

At the annual company picnic romance is certainly in the air, Prez, the head of the union  chases after Gladys, the flirty secretary of the factory boss. Gladys rejects his advances and her boyfriend, Hines, the factory timekeeper in a jealous drunken rage demonstrates his knife throwing act and Babe’s defences come down with Sid as Prez turns his attentions to Mae, a loud-mouthed member of the Grievance Committee!

Sid and Babe’s blossoming love affair is put on hold as hostilities resume at the factory and Sid is forced to fire Babe.

The factory workers secretly plot to sabotage the production line.

Back at the factory, the girls attempt to calm Hines, who is personally offended by the slow down and Sid is now convinced that the union is justified. Sid in an attempt to resolve matters takes Gladys out for the evening to gain access to the company’s books from her. Hines and Babe each discover the pair and assume they are becoming romantically involved, Babe storms out, and Hines believes his jealous imaginings have come true.

Sid accesses the firm’s books and discovers that the boss, Hasler, has been cooking the books and is up to no good. So Sid takes matters in to his own hands which brings peace and love to the factory workers at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory.

The Pajama Game is a real feel-good musical that has genuine compassion, plenty of romance and a few laughs along the way. There are some great dance routines and a wonderful score including popular songs “Hey, There”, “Hernando’s Hideaway”, “Steam Heat” and I’m Not at All in Love.

Music and lyrics are by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, who also wrote the musucal Damn Yankees and several other hit songs including Rags to Riches for Tony Bennett, Whatever Lola Wants, Heart and many more.

Tickets for The Pajama Game at the Shaftesbury theatre in London are on sale now.

The Venue

Pajama Game

United Kingdom

Booking Dates

First Performance

Thursday 1st January 1970

Last Performance

Thursday 1st January 1970