Step into the world of geeks – you’re in for a ride!

Loserville the musical was written by former Busted band member James Bourne. The show was inspired by the album ‘Welcome to Loserville’ which was released by Son of Dork – the band that Bourne formed after Busted split up.  

Set in the early 70s, Loserville the musical tells the tale of Michael Dork, the nerdy hero of the show, who dreams that one day we’ll be able to use computers to communicate with each other. He’s well on his way to making that a reality.

We get to know some more smarty-pants characters in the show. Love-interest Holly is determined to be the first female astronaut; Michael’s friend Lucas has a personality which bears a striking resemblance to George Lucas; and arch-nemesis Eddie, who’s on his way to the top (or so he thinks) with no second thoughts for whomever he tramples on along the way.

Although Loserville the musical was inspired by a music album, the team behind the show have explained that it’s a different concept to the ‘jukebox’ musicals of recent times, such as Mamma Mia or Rock of Ages.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC, co-writer Elliot Davis explains that the show tells “a timeless story about staying true to yourself.”

Loserville was written to appeal to everyone – you don’t have to have been a fan of Son of Dork, or even of Busted, to enjoy the show.

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Thursday 1st January 1970

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Thursday 1st January 1970