In the Shawshank Redemption, wrongly convicted Andy Dufresne spends years digging a tunnel to freedom from his prison cell. He hides his work under a large picture of Rita Hayworth. On the day of his escape, Andy crawls his way towards the outside world and perfectly replaces the poster on the wall to mask his escape route. We’re so emotionally satisfied when Andy rips off his prison uniform in the rain that we forget to ask how he could possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel. 

But how *could* he possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel?

What holes are we prepared to overlook in order to stay comfortable?

The Venue


52-54 Kennington Oval, London, London, United Kingdom, SE11 5SW

Nearest Tube

Oval (Northern Line, 100yrds) and Vauxhall (Victoria Line, 12 min walk)

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Running Time

To be confirmed.

Booking Dates

First Performance

Friday 8th November 2019

Last Performance

Saturday 23rd November 2019