From the latest blockbusters to cult classics, stand-up comedy to live music, The Drive In is this summer’s must-visit London attraction.

Tom and Jerry set aside their difference and put their classic ongoing rivalry on hold in order to help a little girl named Robyn Starling, to escape from her evil aunt and reunite with her lost and presumed-dead father.Tom and Jerry have popularly remained silent throughout their classic cat and mouse chase rivalry but for this 1992 movie, they find their voices. The film stars the voices of Richard Kind, Dana Hill, Anndi McAfee, Tony Jay, Rip Taylor, Henry Gibson, Michael Bell, Ed Gilbert, David L. Lander, Howard Morris and Charlotte Rae.

The Venue

The Drive In

Troubadour Meridian Water, Hawley Road, London, London, United Kingdom, N18 3QU

Booking Dates

First Performance

Monday 12th April 2021

Last Performance

Friday 30th April 2021

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