Christopher Green is an Olivier Award-winning playwright, an experiential theatre maker, and a performer with really lovely hair. He made ★★★★★ Office Party, staged a totally immersive show in a care home, and has toured his cabaret characters Ida Barr and Tina C internationally. He’s written books; he’s often on the radio.

No Show is the show that Christopher has spent over two decades making. It’s the culmination of 25 years of entertaining tens of thousands of audience members and learning exactly what makes them tick. What they want. It’s the leadership we’ve been seeking in troubling times. But enough from us – here’s Christopher Green to tell you himself.

I’ve won awards. I’ve played different characters. I’ve created genre-busting, emotional, funny work, which people love. This is my new show. TBH, I’m thinking there’s a chance I might not turn up. You might want to come and find out whether I do or not. Or not.

Expect the expected! This show is probably going to be exactly what you’d expect from brand “Christopher Green”. No fourth wall, a re-negotiation of the fragile, beautiful, invisible contract between performer and audience resulting in innovative, well-reviewed theatre. So that’s reassuring in an uncertain world, isn’t it?If you’ve never heard of me, then you’ve nothing to lose, right? I might show up. You might love it. Anything’s possible.

The Venue

The Yard

Unit 2A Queen’s Yard White Post Lane London, London, United Kingdom, E9 5EN

Running Time

1hr 30min

Booking Dates

First Performance

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Last Performance

Saturday 14th March 2020