Watch out for ticket touts!


Theatregoers planning to book the best tickets for Wicked Apollo Victoria has on offer would be wise to make sure that they buy their tickets for the show from reputable websites or box offices and avoid picking them up from touts on the street.

Not only that, but you could find that by turning up at the event expecting to buy a ticket from a tout you are actually paying for something that is either stolen or counterfeit – you simply do not know what it is you are handing your money over for, so it is always better to be prepared and buy your tickets from a trustworthy source in advance.

It would be terrible if you do buy your tickets from a tout and then head off to the theatre for a lovely night out with your friends or family only to be told by the box office that what you’ve paid for is in fact not genuine. You could find yourself waiting outside for the show to finish while the people you’ve gone there with enjoy an amazing theatre experience. So if you’d like to make sure that you have a great night out, please pay attention to where you’re buying your tickets from. That way, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you’re guaranteed a good time and have nothing to worry about when you get to the theatre.