Simon Cowell wears a high waistband because of…. The suspense is over with I Can’t Sing!


Calling all X Factor lovers and loathers… get behind the scenes and under the judges chairs as a comedy musical X Factor parody arrives in London…

I Can’t Sing! opens at the London Palladium 

Written by Harry Hill, I Can’t Sing! is a comical and eccentric portrayal of the modern-day obsession with celebrity and fame, epitomised through the uncanny popularity of the X Factor. The new musical gets behind the scenes and offers a unique perspective of the judging panel, which of course have been propelled to global fame and obscene wealth, since the show began a decade ago. The highly-awaited musical includes caricatures of the judges – Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole. Intensifying the suspense of the X Factor musical parody are rumours the show even reveals why Simon Cowell wears his trousers so high around his waist!

Well wait no more, the suspense is over as last night was I Can’t Sings!’ opening night at the London Palladium.

So how was Harry Hill’s eagerly-awaited eccentric musical initially greeted by the critics?

The Telegraph gave I Can’t Sing! a definitive thumbs up:

“The show is widely eccentric and often wonderfully funny. It is also splendidly rude about Cowell himself. In one of the early scenes we see the sinister svengali getting out of his car, before belatedly realising he has forgotten something. He opens the door and sheepishly brings out his new baby. Full marks for topicality,” writes Charles Spencer of The Telegraph, whose obviously in the X Factor loathing fraternity.

Meanwhile, The Guardian was less smitten by Harry Hill’s venture into theatrical alchemy referring to I Can’t Sing! As: “Uneasily pitched between send-up and celebration.” The Guardian review admits there are “flashes of wit” yet claims the show fails to make up its mind whether it wants to excoriate the X Factor or boost its TV ratings.

Though we have to admit, approval prevailed over disapproval, with the majority of the critics who caught the opening show being quick to express their support.

“With top tunes, brilliant singing, and endless ridiculing of some of Britain’s most famous faces – will the X Factor musical be a hit? One million per cent YES!” wrote The Mirror.

But that’s enough of the reviews, as no opinion is better than your own. So why not go and make up your mind yourself as to whether Ashley Knight, who plays Louis Walsh, Victoria Elliot as Jordy and Nigel Harman as Simon Cowell make Harry Hill’s refreshingly innovative musical as humorous as it looks on paper.

Grab yourself a ticket for one of the most talked about shows in town here.