Review round-up of Wicked the Musical


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Show attended: Wicked    

Date attended: 12th March 2013

What did you enjoy about the show?

I really enjoyed the story, even though the show was 2 hours and 45 minutes, it never dragged and always kept you excited for what’s next.

– Rob S

I saw Wicked when it originally opened way back in 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so the opportunity to revisit it all these years later was something I was keen to do.

How has it weathered these last 6 years? Well it was a Tuesday night and the place was packed,… Overhearing a few conversations during the interval also revealed a great many around me were on their second viewing (like me) or had been 3/4 times already. What keeps drawing people back for more?

Firstly it’s a well structured musical, it has a constant climb culminating in the jaw dropping Defying Gravity that closes  Act 1. This is then continued through Act 2. The story is a very clever take/prequel on the Wizard of Oz. Which appeals to young and old alike. It has a moral to the tale, but it’s cleverly woven into the text and never feels preachy. I’d also forgotten how much humour there is in the show, some genuine laugh out load moments. It’s always argued that a musical needs a great story first and foremost, Wicked certainly does.

Great score, clever lyrics, a story that’ll make you laugh and think, a cast going at full throttle , stunning costumes, a set that is magical and 2 of the best performances on the London stage. I certainly won’t be leaving it another 6 years before I return to be caught up in the magic of the witches that is Wicked.

– Dominic Kent, Theatre Thoughts

What didn’t you enjoy about the show?

Nothing. I really did think it was a great show with nothing that could be added to improve it. The story, sets, choreography, music and costumes were all great.

– Rob S

Any tips for people going to see it?

Normally I buy a programme before I take my seat, when I go to a show. Last night I thought “no need, got one from last time.” Yet the moment Act 1 was over I rushed out to foyer to purchase one as I HAD to know who this phenomenal cast was and especially who was playing Elphaba and Glinda.

– Dominic Kent

Go in there and read into the message more. It touches on issues of race and ‘a common enemy’ which make it very unique and gets you thinking.

– Rob S

If you get a chance, listen to the songs beforehand, so you can enjoy them more during the show. Also, if you get the chance, re-watch the Wizard of Oz, to jog your memory about the storyline

– Tanvi S

Brief description of the show:

It is the untold story about the Witches of Oz, which presents the audience with a different perspective to that of Dorothy following the yellow brick road in The Land of Oz.

– Rob S

Story behind the friendship between two rather opposite characters; the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) and Glinda (both from the Wizard of Oz.) The show outlines their struggles during university and how Elphaba’s determination to rescue the animals of Oz leads to her eventual downfall.

– Tanvi S

Marks out of 10: