Keeping Beatlemania alive: Let It Be is coming to the Garrick Theatre!


Back by overwhelming public demand, the sensational show Let It Be returns to the West End, this time at the Garrick Theatre

The 50th anniversary of the world’s biggest band is to be celebrated in the West End 

Nimax Theatres is delighted to break the news that the next show at the Garrick Theatre will be a limited season of Let It Be.

Celebrating the music of The Beatles, this summer’s running of Let It Be follows the show’s successful 18-week tour of the UK and Ireland.

The 50th anniversary

Previews for Let It Be will begin at the Garrick on July 9, 2014. The date could not be apter as July 9th is the 50th anniversary of the London première of A Hard Day’s Night, the black-and-white comedy film which starred John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star.

The popular show will run at the Garrick Theatre for 11 weeks until September 21.

40 Beatles’ classics

This unmissable celebration of Britain’s most iconic band follows their meteoric rise from modest beginnings in the Carvern Club in Liverpool to the pinnacle of Beatlemania. With live performances of many of the Beatles’ classics, the auditorium is propelled back to the swinging sixties during this unforgettable show. Let It Be belts out 40 Beatles’ masterpieces, including She Loves You, Twist and Shout, Drive My Car, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Come Together, and – as the name of the show suggests – Let It Be.

Since it originally opened at the Prince of Wales Theatre in 2012 and transferred to the Savoy Theatre in January 2013, where it enjoyed a year-long run, Let It Be has been savoured by Beatles’ fans of a diverse range of ages and nationalities. In fact Let It Be has been enjoyed by more than 700,000 people worldwide, having recently enthralled crowds in Japan, Moscow, Germany and on Broadway.

Talking about Let It Be’s exclusive 11-week run at the West End’s Garrick Theatre, the show’s producer Jamie Hendry said:

“I am delighted that Nimax Theatres have worked with us to bring Let It Be back to the West End for its third season. Let It Be continues to delight audiences night after night on UK tour and around the world proving the huge popularity of the music of The Beatles. I am thrilled to bring the show back to London on the 50th Anniversary of the première of A Hard Day’s Night.”

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