Hilarious whodunit 39 Steps to close after 9 years on the West End


After an incredible nine-year run at the Criterion Theatre, the fabulous 39 steps is finally coming to an end. The show will close on September 5, 2015

39 Steps and nine memorable years at the Criterion Theatre 

It was nine years ago when the comical whodunit 39 Steps transferred from London’s Tricycle Theatre to the West End’s Criterion Theatre, for what was intended to be a 16-week run. Just short of a decade later, 3736 performances and more than 2.4 million laughs, the much-loved show will make its final performance.

Drawing its final curtain

By the time 39 Steps draws its final curtain, it will have played the 5th highest number of performances in the history of West End plays.

Based on the 1914 Spy Thriller by John Buchan, 39 Steps was adapted for the stage by Patrick Barlow.

The smash hit Olivier Award-winning comedy features four fearless actors, who take to the stage, acting out 139 different roles in just 100 minutes.

Stockings and suspender belts

Since transferring to the West End in 2006, more than 50 actors have stepped into the shoes of the four actors. And props have been flying in all directions, as this incredibly fast-paced comedy has seen its performers get through more than 3,000 pairs of stockings, 530 O/S maps of Scotland, 38 pairs of handcuffs and a total of 16 suspender belts!

In 1935 Patrick Barlow’s spy thriller was eminently adapted for the screen by Alfred Hitchcock. Starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll, the film became widely regarded as one of Hitchcock’s best movies from his early period.

The current production at the Criterion Theatre makes reference to some of the most famous scenes from Hitchcock’s iconic film, including the tongue-in-cheek ‘stockings and suspenders’ scene.

Starring Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, Kelly Hotten, Mike Goodenough and Gary Sefton, 39 Steps is showing at the Criterion Theatre until September 5, 2015.