Handbagged coming to the Vaudeville theatre in London


Handbags, hairspray and sensible shoes. Two of the most iconic figures in Britain’s national history shared a lot in common but what actually happened in their weekly meetings?

Handbagged, the successful hit comedy by Moira Buffini transfers from the Tricycle theatre to the Vaudevile theatre in London for a limited season only from the 3rd April to the 2nd August, with the opening gala press night scheduled for the 10th April. Tickets for Handbagged at the Vaudeville theatre are on sale now.

Handbagged at the Vaudeville theatre in London

Handbagged at the Vaudeville theatre in London

Moira Buffini’s Handbagged was nominated for Best Comedy Play last year, it is a wickedly funny comedy that speculates on the relationship of two of the most influential women in Britain. The monarch: Liz and her most powerful subject: Maggie.

Two enduring national icons born just six months apart. One destined to rule, the other elected to lead. Divisive figures and subject of much debate, but when the stiff upper lips softened and the handbags were set aside, which one had the upper hand?

One believed there was no such thing as society. The other had vowed to serve it. Handbagged explores the supposed antipathy between two giants of the twentieth century in hilarious style.

Based on the critically-acclaimed short play from Women, Power & Politics at the Tricycle in 2010, Moira Buffini’s irresistibly mischievous comedy speculates on that most provocative of questions: What did the world’s most powerful women talk about behind closed palace doors over a cup of tea?

Throughout her 11 years in office, Margaret Thatcher sat down on a weekly basis with the Queen to discuss the matters of the day. In this boisterous parody of their alleged difficult relationship there is an older version of each on hand to dispute the contentious statements.

The play also features other characters from the era, including; Kenneth Kaunda, Ronald and Nancy Reagan and Michael Heseltine, played with great comic effect.