Dany Boon “Best of” is coming to the Lyric Theatre


The highly popular and acclaimed French comedian and filmmaker Dany Boon will be performing a cult comedy “Best of” show for one night only at the Lyric Theatre

Dany Boon is coming to London with a comic one-man sketch show  

The incredibly talented and versatile actor, screenwriter, author and film director is returning to his entertainment roots and prized performing genre – the one-man show.

A ‘bone-dry wit’

Dany Boon “Best of” is a comedy show that combines Boon’s legendary cult comic sketches with spontaneous improvisations and a few surprises.

Described as blending “comic naivety and a bone-dry wit”, Dany picks his way through our modern daily lives, with hilarious consequences.

The well-known French comedian and filmmaker has acted both on screen and on the stage. Boon takes his stage name from the 1960s hit American action-adventure TV show ‘Daniel Boone’.

Master of the stage and the screen

Boon was given is break in 1992 by the French TV host Patrick Sebastien, who invited him on his show. Since then Dany Boon has never looked back, achieving acclaim and popularity through a barrage of one-man shows and hilarious sketches.

Boon quickly progressed from a one-man act to a prominent film actor, a status sealed most notably for his performance in the French World War I film Joyeux Noel in 2005.

Such is Boon’s movie success that in 2008 he was the highest-paid actor in European film history, netting 26 million Euros!

Dany Boon “Best Of” in London is performed in both French and Ch’ti.

The one-man sketch show is produced by Dany Boon and his wife Yael Boon.

The show is being held on Monday 18 May, 2015 at the Lyric Theatre.