Bill Bailey’s ‘unmissable’ Limboland is coming to the Vaudeville


Have you ever been stuck in limbo, unable to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fantasy? Our inability to distinguish fact from fiction is the crux of Bill Bailey’s hilarious new show – Limboland…

Bill Bailey contemplating the true meaning of life in Limboland 

Following a great reception on its Australian and New Zealand tour, 2015 sees Bill Bailey’s Limboland  come to the UK, where it will show at the Vaudeville Theatre towards the end of this year and early new year.

Lost between fact and fiction

Incorporating Bailey’s legendary wit and intelligence, Limboland is centred on being lost in a shrouded world, somewhere between reality and fiction.

In Limboland the well-known English comedian and actor relives endless tales of trips around the world, including a disastrous family holiday to Norway to see the Northern Lights.

As he contemplates the true meaning of happiness, Limboland sees David Cameron and One Direction depicted as mere manifestations of mediocrity and cynicism.

‘Political crystal meth’

Asides its dark humour, in which Bailey theorises society’s “perpetual restlessness” as having led to a hunger for “political crystal meth”, music – as with most things to do with Bill Bailey – plays a central role in Limboland.

The affable comedian’s show includes a Country and Western ballad being played on a Bible, an incredible downbeat version of Happy Birthday and Bill’s own unique version of the protest song!

This thoroughly unique show received great reviews on its Australasia and Oceania tour, where it was referred to as “consistently funny and dazzlingly quick” and “pretty much unmissable”.

You will be able to catch the “unmissable” Limboland at the Vaudeville Theatre from Monday 14 December 2015 until Sunday 10 January 2016.   

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