Will The Book of Mormon follow in Avenue Q’s footsteps?


The Book of Mormon, the new musical, will be opening at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London at the end of February 2013 and is already booking through to the end of September 2013.

The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical but we’d say it is more a jibe towards the show business that is theatreland. From the makers of the cult T.V. show South Park and the writers of the successful long-running London musical Avenue Q – the tone of the show is one of offensive, vulgar humour, peppered with plenty of expletives.

The Book of Mormon - as South Park characters

The Book of Mormon cast as South Park characters

It must be a new phenomenon or perhaps a consequence of the target audience, but the social networking sites including Twitter are already awash with dialog on The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon has proved a big hit musical across the pond on Broadway, winning 9 prestigious Tony Awards, including the ultimate Best Musical. Not only did the show garner critical acclaim but it has also proved hugely popular too.

The show is an irreverent comedy musical that pokes fun at religion. Let’s hope we don’t see a repetition in London of the protesters and placards that greeted Jerry Springer the Opera, which ‘sent up’ Jesus and Mary, much to the horror of the Christian church.

The Book of Mormon is the holy scripture of the Church of Latter Day Saints, whose followers are known to the world as Mormons. The story follows young Mormons Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham who are coming of age and are sent to Uganda for their two-year mission.

The show is outrageous and not for the easily offended. However it is very clever and at times even moralises.

If the tweets of twitter are to be believed then expect tickets to be in hot demand. Or are all these trolls merely people that never emerge from darkened rooms?

It remains to be seen whether the show in London will wow audiences the same way it has across America. Not everything crosses the pond with similar success, although many do, consider The Lion King for one.

It also remains to be seen whether through the nature and content of the show that it will attract wide audience appeal or find a more niche cult audience, as did Avenue Q. Some will be attracted to it simply because of the shock tactics.

Personally I did enjoy Jerry Springer the Opera, I found it very funny, and although not a big fan of opera, I could see the appeal. However, to borrow a typical colloquial British phrase, that it certainly wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. We shall see.

Tickets are now on sale: preview performances will begin at the Prince of Wales Theatre on 25 February 2013, with the official opening night on 21 March.