Viva Forever launch party


Viva Forever is the new Spice Girls musical written by Jennifer Saunders now playing at the Piccadilly theatre in the heart of London’s West End.

Can you believe that at the Viva Forever after show party our very own reviewer, Sandra, was asked to vacate some rather comfortable looking sofas just outside the toilets to make way for a more famous V.I.P. guest. And who is more famous than Sandra, I hear you ask. Well it was David and Romeo Beckham, accompanied by wife Victoria (otherwise known as Posh Spice) and an entourage of hulky looking bodyguards.

There were three bodyguards alone shadowing the 10-year-old young Beckham. Romeo has been unveiled as the newest star of Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, making his modelling debut alongside Edie Campbell and Cara Delevingne.

Following his mother into the fashion world, the youngster was hand-picked by the British label’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, for his big break.

For the occasion of the launch of the Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever, he was dressed in designer white shirt.

Sandra wasn’t too impressed with David, claiming he looks much smaller in real life and not that hunky. Sandra reckons he is only 5ft 5in or 5ft 6in tall, which makes him even smaller than Tom Cruise in Sandra’s eyes.

Having seen David Beckham from afar playing football he certainly doesn’t look one of the smaller specimens on the pitch, and official records at previous clubs show him to be 5ft 11in or 5ft 11.5in tall. So just shy of 6 feet, hardly small when considering Sandra is only 5ft 4in herself. Either she was wearing her new 10 in stack heels or her glasses needed cleaning. Or perhaps it was indeed Tom Cruise, all 5ft 7in of him having popped around the corner from his World Premiere starring as 6ft 5in Jack Reacher in the new blockbuster film featuring Lee Child’s famous character. Now that is stretching the imagination.

And after all the fuss of Sandra and her friend being ejected from said sofas the Beckhams never even availed themselves of the comfy seats preferring instead to stand around and socialise.. Maybe it was the 9 in stack shoes that had Sandra coveting the plush sofa?

Tickets for Viva Forever are on sale for performances up to Friday 31st May at the Piccadilly Theatre. The show is a comedy musical produced by Judy Craymer the creator of Mamma Mia! and it tells the story of T.V. reality show wannabe Viva and her three friends as they strive for stardom.