Top Hat takes a turn around the West End


Top Hat the new musical at the Aldwych theatre in London opened to raputurous applause and critical acclaim on the 9th May 2012.

Quentin Letts from the Daily Mail rates the show based on the classic Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers musical a superb 4 stars. Lett’s superlative praise of this lavish show brackets today’s stars, Tom Chambers as Jerry Travers and Summer Strallen as Dale Tremont in the same bracket.

Male lead Tom Chambers, of TV’s Strictly Come Dancing fame, moves with liquid grace. And the leading lady is a knockout. Summer Strallen is a legs-to-armpits, snub-nosed, blonde-maned, high-hoofing, lip-biting warbler. She, along with Irving Berlin’s gorgeous songs, makes the night.

“Sacrilege it may be, but I actually think this Top Hat is even more impressive than the film, not least because it’s all in glorious Technicolour. A musical like this comes around once in a lifetime.”
Tim Walker for The Sunday Telegraph

“Amiable stage version of the celebrated Astaire-Rogers 1935 RKO musical. The evening can be quickly summed up as ‘great songs, daft book’; and one simply waits patiently for the next Irving Berlin number or elegant dance routine to come along which, happily, they do with reasonable frequency.”
Michael Billington for The Guardian