This House coming to the Aldwych Theatre in London


This House at the Aldwych Theatre

This House is a new play by James Graham that is currently playing to sell out audiences at the National theatre in London.

But good news for those people who haven’t been able to get tickets for This House, as the play will be transferring to the Aldwych theatre in the Strand from October after the run of the award-winning musical Top Hat. Top Hat closes on Saturday 26th October.

This House

This House at the National Theatre – coming soon to the Aldwych Theatre

This House is cutting edge drama which gives us an insight in to the political intrigue and backbiting at the heart of Westminster politics. The play is set in 1974 and the corridors of power are full of infighting and back stabbing as Britain’s political parties battle to change the future of the nation.

In this hung parliament, the ruling party holds on by the merest of threads and it appears that all politicians, true to form, from whatever political persuasion are prepared to do anything and say anything in their manipulative quest to seize power. Votes are won and lost by the slightest margins, fist fights erupt in the bars, and absent MPs are hauled in from their sick beds to cast their votes.

Against the backdrop of the era a staggering number of politicians die, and age-old traditions and allegiances are thrown aside in the struggle for power.

They say that power corrupts and in James Graham’s biting, energetic and critically-acclaimed new play the current state of the British Parliament is testament to the accuracy of this play.

The House is a searing new drama that strips politics down to the practical realities of those dogs or war behind the scenes who roll up their sleeves, bend and break the rules in the stampede to manoeuvre the conflicting MPs within the House of Commons.

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