The Prodigals a new musical


The Prodigals is a rousing new musical bound for London’s West End following a short nationwide tour.

From the producers of the hit Michael Jackson musical – Thriller Live, The Prodigals tells the tale of a man and his two sons.

The Prodigals musical

The Prodigals musical

The Prodigals musical is a high energy show with energetic choreography. Colonel Luke Gibson, watches his sons make their own choices. One son leads a high-risk life of excess and success with his rock band, whilst the other seeks security within his father’s Scottish regiment. But when one life goes disastrously wrong, what will be the consequences for Colonel Gibson, his sons and the regiment?

The Prodigals was originally presented at the Edinburgh festival in 2011, then again in Coventry in 2013.

Kyle Gibson is a gifted singer-songwriter, his brother Mike is a Captain in the Scottish regiment which the Gibson family have served for generations. Colonel Gibson is in charge of the regiment risking their lives destroying the heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan, watching Kyle fuel his musical career with drugs becomes increasingly hard for him to accept. When his son finally hits rock bottom, what should a father do? Kyle has taken his money, tarnished his reputation and insulted the family name…but he’s still his son!

Can Kyle return home to his father and the military community after he has rejected them so openly? What kind of reception can he expect from his brother, Captain Mike Gibson, who has dutifully served the regiment and his father? How will Colonel Gibson respond to Kyle’s return?

The Prodigals brings the parable of the Prodigal son in to the modern world exploring the realities of family relationships and questioning the consequences of our actions as children and parents. It is a story with no easy answers, no simple messages but packed with thought provoking emotions for a contemporary audience against the back drop of the harsh realities of modern warfare.

It is an extraordinary new musical with explosive choreography and light hearted relief in the comic absurdities of Kyle’s drug-induced hallucinations with stunning new music and a script that challenges.

The Prodigals musical London

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