School of Rock – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical


School of Rock tickets are now on sale for the Broadway production.

School of Rock is Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s latest musical which is premiering on Broadway prior to an expected move to London’s West End.

School of Rock the musical

Lloyd-Webber has revealed to the Stage that he is hoping for one more big hit and with the School of Rock he is turning to his more rock orientated roots similar to Jesus Christ Superstar. Although he promises it is not going to be wall-to-wall heavy metal. Love Never Dies featured a ‘heavy rock’ song and although Lloyd-Webber has contributed some of his own penned tunes, the show will also feature the icon songs from the film. Lloyd-Webber has said: “you can’t do heavy metal for hours and hours in the theatre – everyone would be screaming. So they have to be theatrical songs too. And we’ve obviously got to use the iconic songs from the original show. It would be a shame not to do a Stevie Nicks song.”

The musical is based on the 2003 film which starred Jack Black as struggling musician Dewey Finn who takes over his roommate’s job as an elementary school substitute teacher and turns his class into a rock band.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s most recent shows in London, Lover Never Dies and Stephen Ward didn’t fare too well and closed prematurely. He hopes that School of Rock will break that cycle. Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971 it is the first time since that an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical has premiered on Broadway prior to coming to the West End. Jesus Christ Superstar has continued to wow audiences and most recently was the subject of a TV casting process followed by a music venue tour.

A big rock music fan himself, Lloyd-Webber concedes that Jesus Christ Superstar didn’t do as well as expected in the 1996 revival at the Lyceum theatre, featuring Alice Cooper as Herod. Despite being a fantastic show, Lloyd-Webber felt that the marketing wasn’t quite right.

Lloyd-Webber collaborated with Jim Steinman the lyrist and composer best known for his work with Meatloaf including his best selling album ‘Bat Out of Hell’. The musical Whistle Down the Wind premiered in 1996 and spawned a number one hit for Boyzone with the song ‘No Matter What’.

Being a big rock fan myself, and knowing Andrew Lloyd-Webber to be a genuinely nice guy, I hope that School of Rock is a massive success and becomes a big hit in London’s West End.