Phone hacking and bent officials: It will all be happening at the Theatre Royal Haymarket with the arrival of ‘Great Britain’


Laden with anarchy and foul-mouthed satire about the government, the police and the press, Great Britain promises to bring laughter on “an industrial scale” to the Theatre Royal Haymarket

Great Britain transfers to the West End 

Written by the acclaimed British playwright Richard Bean, Great Britain tells a satirical story of the press, police and politics, centred round a tabloid newspaper, which is locked in the perpetual battle to attract more readers.

The play currently stars Billie Piper, who plays the news editor, Paige Britain at the Free Press newspaper. The paper is run by a foul-mouthed editor, currently played by Robert Glenister. The sleazy red-top is owned by a rather reckless Irish tycoon. Determined to sell more copies, Free Press starts prying into the lives of missing twins.

Kellie Shirley, Harriet Thorpe and Oliver Chris currently star alongside Billie Piper and Robert Glenister. However the casting for the Theatre Royal Haymarket transfer has not yet been announced.

A volley of great reviews

The play premiered at the Royal National Theatre on 30 June this year where it was greeted by a barrage of great reviews.

“Terrific acting and slick direction. Bluntly entertaining comedy,” wrote The Telegraph.

The Independent was equally impressed by the comedy value of the play, writing that Great Britain induced: “Laughter-making on an industrial scale.”

In its four-star appraisal of Richard Bean’s play, the Evening Standard described Great Britain as:

“A timely look at the tangled relationship between the press, politicians and the police. It’s barbed and very funny.”

This fast, bold and ambitious comedy is designed by Tim Hatley. The British set and costume designer has won a series of awards, including the Tony Award for Best Set Design and Best Costume design and the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Set Design.

Following its run at the National Theatre, Great Britain will transfer to the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Wednesday September 10, 2014.

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