How we can offer best prices for London Shows

How we can offer best prices for London Shows

Your insider’s guide to ticket pricing for the shows on in London

Shows in London are able to offer the best prices for theatre shows in London due to the fact that we trade tickets in such large volumes, therefore we are able to negotiate highly competitive discounts with the shows’ producers and our other suppliers. We can then pass on these savings to our customers in order to buy cheap tickets for West End shows in London.

Some shows such as The Mousetrap and The Phantom of the Opera do not readily discount, therefore with just a minimal booking fee Shows in London are still the most competitive price around.

Other shows, including hugely popular productions such as Mamma Mia, Matilda the Musical and Book of Mormon will not be discounting initially. This is because of their popularity so that demand for tickets is very high – keeping the producers from introducing discounts. However, a good way to obtain cheap tickets for new West End shows is to take advantage of the great deals available in the preview period of a show.

Typically shows will preview at the theatre venue for two to three weeks prior to opening officially – with the press night being Theatreland’s version of a glittering red-carpet premiere. Preview periods can last up to six weeks in some cases – the length of time could lend an insight into a producer’s confidence in the show. It’s important to remember that a preview is not a dress rehearsal. Rather, it is the full show production in its entirety – but as a new show the producers are keen to get the audience in to see it, as there is nothing more powerful in theatre marketing than word of mouth. In some cases, there have even been changes made to the show because of feedback from previews – for example Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Love Never Dies, which was the sequel to the incredibly popular Phantom of the Opera.
Therefore to buy tickets for West End shows in London and find cheap theatre shows in London, a great tip to get extra value for money is to attend a preview. Look out for preview dates on the Shows in London website.

Another great way to find cheap tickets for shows in London is to take advantage of the fantastic group discount rates on offer. Most shows tend to offer group discounts before they finally start selling discounted tickets to the general public.

Often people perceive a group to be a coach load, but some shows will discount to groups of 10+ or even 8+ which in effect is two car loads. So if there are six of you looking to buy tickets for a West End show in London it may be worth checking out the numbers required for groups and then inviting a couple of friends. The savings are enormous and often you can buy tickets for West End shows at half-price.

Look out for accelerator rates too. These are discount rates that allow you to buy theatre shows in London with fantastic savings, if you pay before a certain date – generally a few months in advance. So for instance, a show such as lion King may offer tickets at a great rate through Shows in London for two months in advance providing you pay by a specific date, two months earlier. The idea behind this is the theatre is willing to sell a ticket for less, knowing that the auditorium is already filling up by the time they get closer to the date of the show – a very similar practice to airline ticket prices, which can be cheap to start with, and then starts climbing with each week or day that passes.

We also know that airlines sometimes slash their prices when it gets to a few days or hours before the flight, and the plane isn’t full. Similarly, theatres can offer “last minute” discounts and deals, which is ideal for anyone already in London wanting to see a show. So if you’re not decided on which show to see, you can call us up to see if there’s any special offers available for performances on the same day. That’s another fantastic way to grab a bargain. And with so many shows on in London, you’re bound to get something great.

Generally tickets for London shows are cheaper midweek than at the weekend. “Weekends” mean Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – so if you are able to attend a midweek show, or even an afternoon matinee performance, you can find great value and great deals on the Shows in London website or by calling us on 0871 976 9767.