Group Bookings

Group Bookings

At Shows in London, we have a dedicated department to handle all enquiries, reservations and confirmations for group bookings. For many shows in London, there are special discounts and offers available when booking a large number of tickets. Below you can see some of the special rates available and information on the requirements on the size of the group, correct as of January 2013.

If there is a show you are interested in which is not listed below, or if you wish to book for a date which is excluded from the vailidity period, please do contact us as new group discounts are introduced frequently and validity periods can change.

Some of the shows do not offer group discounts on weekend performances or during busy periods such as school holidays. Please also note that all groups are subject to availability and exclusion periods. As a general rule most shows do not offer discounts during the Christmas week and school holidays. However, this does not mean you cannot book tickets for them!

To make a group enquiry or reservation, please contact our dedicated groups team by emailing [email protected] or phone us on 0203 567 0622

Why do group discounts exist?

London’s theatres readily welcome bookings for large parties as it means more seats are filled for the performance. To make the bulk buying option even more appealling, they offer fantastic group discounts. So if you’re planning a special occasion such as a hen night or a work outing, or if you just have lots of friends, you are welcome to enquire about the group discounts available.

For further information and availability, and for details on our competitive pricing, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0203 567 0622or email [email protected].