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A spectacular show, in every sense!
Wicked the Musical is the spectacular story of the witches of Oz, a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. It is not a pantomime or particularly aimed at kids, but a fantastic and enduring musical.
How did The Wicked Witch of the West meet Glinda the Good (The Fairy Godmother)? Was she born evil or did she become evil, or is it simply her actions that are perceived as evil or is it malicious newspaper gossip? The story attempts to explain this in its own magical way.

It is a fun-filled frivolous piece of theatre, for sure, but it also carries underlying moral questions. The fact that the witch is "green" touches on race relations. Is the 'good' fairy really 'good' or does she just employ excellent P.R.? How do two girls vying for the affections of one man interact? As friends or enemies? Is beauty superficial? What one society finds acceptable, another finds appalling. This show only scratches the surface but it can make you think.

Putting all that aside the sets are simply spectacular and the costumes are so clever and intricate. No expense is spared and the attention to detail is superb, the special effects are amazing. I just loved this show as did my family - my daughters have been back to see it time and again. The musical score is fantastic and the songs such as 'Popular' and 'Defying Gravity' are memorable. I promise you will be blown away.

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Important Information

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  • Get ready to see a whole different side to Oz. Wicked really is the untold story of witches we thought we knew so well.
  • Although Wicked has been inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, much of the storyline is copyrighted by MGM - the makers of the 1939 film. Therefore, the clever hints towards Dorothy and Toto have been made subtle for a reason.
  • The Apollo Victoria is classed as one of the West End theatres in London, but realistically it is located in Victoria, which is slightly further away from the majority of venues and often has plenty of road-works taking place in the area. Bear this is mind when planning your journey.
  • When choosing your seats, we can confirm that even the rear of the Stalls offer a fabulous view of the performance. The stage is very wide and very deep so sitting further back you get to take in the whole spectacle.
  • Wicked is an ideal show for older children and teenagers, as it explores human relationships. 

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show Reviews
Staff Review

"Girly, sparkly, ultimately a wonderful story. And ‘Defying Gravity’ always takes my breath away!"   
    - Nams

"Love this show! A wonderfully sparkly fun show with a great story! Not just your average musical!"  
    - Maya

"My favourite show, I won’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this! It’s a fantastic production that will make you see the story of The Wizard of Oz in a completely different light. Clever, fun and magical, I recommend this to everyone!"
    - Susana

"A great show about the relationship between two girls as they become The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. It’s a terrific story, and there are some fantastic songs. I especially like Defying Gravity. The staging is spectacular, as are the costumes and effects. It is suitable for all ages."
    - Andrew

"This definitely brought my childhood back to me. This is a complimentary storyline to Wizard of Oz and shows true friendship between two witches. It is a show suitable for all ages and a must see for a night out in London. The theatre is quite large but wherever one sits there is a feeling of magic. A lot of green on the sets, and the costumes and music brought the show alive."
    - Daksha

Simon Edge, The Daily Express

“The award-winning Wicked provides the back story of The Wizard of Oz – effectively the framing of the not-remotely-wicked Wicked Witch of the West. This sumptuous show brings new moral complexity to the unseen Dorothy’s adventures on the Yellow Brick Road. It’s subtle and subversive – and suitable for all ages.”

Tim Walker, The Sunday Telegraph

“Blockbuster entertainment, sophisticated comedy and thought-provoking drama – it is magnificent to see a musical that manages to be both populist and intelligent at the same time."

Sam Marlowe, Time Out

"Wicked's Yellow Brick Road is meandering, yet it's exhilarating to see hefty themes tackled in a barn-storming piece of popular entertainment. And the parallels to the far less rewarding original story of Dorothy and her friends are handled with sparkling wit. Yes, this is glossy and orotund; but there's more than a sprinkling of magic here, too."